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Bowie and me at Sugarcreek Bird Farm, Bellbrook, Ohio


I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago also known as the Land of the Hummingbird or Iere, so named by the Amerindians of earlier times. My "Stories of Iere" are inspired by the island’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. For many years, I have lived with my family in Ohio, along with a succession of rats, cats, dogs, ferrets, and at least one tiny frog. After retiring from teaching English as a Second Language, I started collecting ideas for my books in my head. Nowadays, I am finally putting words on a page and in my spare time I enjoy traveling, walking, and bicycling.


Written in English and translated into Spanish, this lighthearted story is about little Ree who goes on a boat trip with her grandmother to visit the famous Caroni Bird Sanctuary, a real place located on the island of Trinidad. During the trip, Ree learns about a variety of wildlife species that thrive in the mangrove, especially the bright red Scarlet Ibis. Suddenly, she gets lost and has to find her way back. Will Ree get out of the mangrove safely? You’ll want to read further to find out.

Twice now, the author has visited the well-known Caroni Bird Sanctuary, and each time she was blown away by the magnificent mangrove and its most illustrious inhabitant, the Scarlet Ibis, national bird of Trinidad and Tobago. Inspired by the creatures in the swamp, Sharon wrote this story to make children more aware of this magical place.

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This story, told in both English and Spanish, takes place on the multicultural island of Trinidad. It is about young Manu who sprains his ankle playing basketball on the last day of school. While he is day-dreaming out on the patio, a beautiful gold and blue macaw flies down and swipes a mango from under Manu’s nose! Manu is charmed by the bird who keeps returning for more of the delicious fruit. But one day the macaw doesn'tt appear! Has the bird disappeared forever? Find out what happens next in this bilingual tale of a bored boy, a mischievous macaw, and their love for mangoes!

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Monster in the Pitch Lake!

Written in English and translated into Spanish, this multicultural story is about Ravie who attends school near the world-famous La Brea Pitch Lake, in Trinidad. He dreams of being picked for the school football/soccer team. Being small for his age, Ravie is bullied by some of his classmates. One day, he has a terrifying encounter with the monster in the pitch lake! Added to that, new student, Raylee, is really good at football! There’s no end to Ravie’s troubles. Read the story to find out how everything works out or do they?

I visited the pitch lake many years ago. What an interesting place! The guide told us that the water contained sulphur and it was good for arthritis! I was tempted to wallow in the water but being a little skeptical, I just dipped a toe! We saw many barrels of asphalt waiting to be loaded for export to far away places. Years later, a museum building has now been constructed that tells lots more about the pitch lake, origins and discoveries. One can only imagine what has happened here over eons.

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